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The power supply equipment independently produced by Yueyangh has been used for TEN years is still intact

Source : Yueyang Power Time : 2018-12-29

Yesterday, the customer sent back a high-frequency electroplating power supply which needed to be repaired. We were shocked to see the power supply. This is a power supply of senior level. which was produced in 2004, the year when our company was founded.

It’s still the oldest style. We all feel so cordial.

After testing, there is no big problem with the power supply, but the dust accumulated for a long time and needs to be cleaned ( So remember to take good care of the power supply, it needs to be clean oh, so that you can use for longer) . After cleaning, I also tried it. Its power and efficiency are not reduced.

It’s unbelievable the we can still use it after 10 years. It turns out that our company's power quality is very good.

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