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Congratulations! Our company has been recognized as an innovative start-up enterprise in ningbo

Source : Yueyang Power Time : 2018-12-29


On November 6, 2018, Ningbo Yueyang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the second batch of innovative start-ups in Ningbo in 2018.

This time, our company can obtain the recognition of innovative start-ups, which indicates that the relevant parts of the country have affirmed the work of ningbo yueyang power supply over the years, and at the same time fully affirmed our company's innovation ability and the technical content of the company's products.

Since its establishment in 2004, Ningbo Yueyang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has taken the market as the core, product-oriented, technology-based, for domestic and foreign markets, and vigorously promoted brand strategy. With the rapid development of the company in recent years, the company's independent innovation capability and technology research and development work has never stopped. Up to now, our company has obtained a number of new patents, ISO certification and CE certification. In addition, a number of innovations are being tested.

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