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Rectifying and inverting conditions of SCR

Source : Yueyang Power Time : 2019-01-08

Rectifying conditions of SCR

Only one-way SCR can be rectified, and one-way SCR can make electricity flow in one direction. Alternating current, which is not rectified, flows in two directions, whereas thyristors in a circuit flow in only one direction. This principle is the same as the diode, and it has a foot (switch) than the diode, which can control the thyristor to work or not.

Inverting conditions of SCR

The thyristor inverter has the function of controlling its working state. It can use four thyristors and a drive circuit to make the current flow in both directions, so that the DC can be changed to AC. They are a group of two intermittent conductions, each of which carries current in one direction, and the two sets of sensors have two directions, so that it changes to AC.

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