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High power grade silicon control rectifier

High power grade silicon control rectifier
  • High power grade silicon control rectifier


High-power graded silicon control rectifier is a new type of rectifier equipment developed by Yueyang. It not only has the advantages of non-in-phase inverse parallel structure rectifier cabinet, but also has some new technical features. This structure adapts to the new requirements of the rectifier device in the electrolytic aluminum industry (high series voltage level), and also compensates for the shortage of some traditional vertical structures (in-phase anti-parallel structure). The safety factor is much higher than the in-phase anti-parallel. It has low failure rate and easy maintenance. The positive and negative rectification are arranged incorrectly before and after renting, and are completely separated by insulating materials to form two completely independent units, which do not cause positive and negative arcing.The bridge arms of the same polarity components of the same phase are fixed on the same component row by means of clip mounting, forming two bridge arms combined, thereby reducing the number of the rectifier arms from the original 12 to 6, and respectively adopting spring steel plates. The steel plate is symmetrical and press-fitted, and the components flow well. The mounting component screw is a special insulated composite screw that blocks the magnetic circuit of the component crimping member. The cabinet shell is assembled by special aluminum profiles, the structure is more novel and beautiful. The magnetic isolation effect is greatly improved which avoids heat generation of the casing.

Structural features

High safety, low noise, good current sharing effect, high voltage level, low electrical corrosion, simple waterway, easy maintenance and beautiful appearance

Application fields

Stainless steel electrolytic polishing, electrolytic copper foil process, aluminum anodizing/ coloring/ polishing, galvanized steel strip surface treatment, hardware surface treatment, hard chrome process such as mold and hardware, Electrolytic recovery of industrial waste residue, sewage treatment, rare earth smelting, electrophoresis, battery industry, etc.


Input voltage

Three-phases 380V ±10%

Operating frequency

50Hz ±10%

Output current

0150A continuously adjustable

Output voltage

0600V continuously adjustable

Output power

090KWinput transformer power not less than 90KW

Stabilized current precision


Stabilized voltage precision


Ripple factor


Regulating range

The current/voltage is continuously adjusted within 0-100% rating



Power factor


Protected mode

Input overvoltage, undervoltageoutput overvoltage, overcurrentshort circuitoverheating

Control mode

Touch screen controls multi - segment Settings

Display mode

Operating displaymalfunction display

Working display

operating display: LED (green); fault displayLED (red)

Working limit

Continuous operation at full load for a long time

Ambient temperature


Ambient humidity


Protection grade


Insolation grade

Level B

Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.

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