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High power DC stabilized voltage switch power supply

High power DC stabilized voltage switch power supply
  • High power DC stabilized voltage switch power supply


The high-power adjustable DC stabilized switching power supply is a high-frequency power supply developed by Yueyang, which can device with output power up to 500KW. The power supply adopts the main high-frequency transformer of nanocrystalline material, the main power device is imported high-power insulated gate bipolar transistor "IGBT" module. The quality material is selected to ensure the quality. The power circuit adopts full-bridge full-wave output, PWM control, closed-loop sampling, soft start, over-voltage, over-current and overheat protection, so that the power supply can work stably, reliably, and safely (The main transformer used in this power supply is the energy saving type transformer developed by our company, which has been awarded the national patent in 2010).


Input voltage

380V ±10%

Operating frequency

50Hz ±10%

Output voltage

DC 0Customers specify V continuously adjustable

Output current

DC 0Customers specify A continuously adjustable

Output power




Duty factor


Load regulation


Voltage regulation


Ripple voltage

≤1% Vout(p-p)

Thermal protection threshold of the whole machine



Input overvoltage, undervoltageoutput overvoltage, overcurrentshort circuitoverheating

Insulation resistance


Input pressure against housing


Input to output voltage withstand


Output pressure against housing


Mean free error time


Operating temperature


Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.


The high-power adjustable DC stabilized switching power supply adopts a switching power supply circuit, which is small in size, light in weight and high in efficiency. All components adopt imported industrial grade devices, the circuit design is optimized and reasonable, the production process is strictly perfect, and the circuit board is treated with three anti-treatments to ensure the reliability and stability of the machine. If the output current needs to be increased, multiple sets can be directly connected in parallel without the need for current sharing. It has perfect protection functions such as input over-current, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection and overall over-heat protection. In addition, this power supply USES the pluggable redundant module power supply system, compared with the ordinary power supply, it has the following advantages:

1. Since each module power supply has the function of hot plugging, when a module power supply fails to work normally, the module power supply can be replaced without shutting down the power supply to realize uninterrupted and continuous power supply without affecting the normal production of customers. ( Each power module is a separate unit that does not affect each other. The actual output power of each unit does not exceed 24kW. )

2. The control module of the redundant system in the power system has the function of limiting the sudden change of the current of the power module, which can prevent the current surge caused by the power module being inserted or removed.

3. When one of the modules fails to work properly, the power system cuts off the module circuit and distributes the load current of the module evenly to the working power module. In this way, the total output current and voltage will not change due to the damage of a certain power supply, which will affect normal production. It also makes maintenance more convenient.

4. This modular power supply is also very convenient for later expansion of the power, just add units. For example, a 20000A/6V high-power power supply can use 4000A/6V per unit, so the entire power system contains 5 such independent units.

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