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High frequency electrophoresis power supply

High frequency electrophoresis power supply
  • High frequency electrophoresis power supply


High frequency electrophoresis power supply is developed by Ningbo Yueyang power supply equipment co., LTD. It’s based on the advanced R&D technology and production process and it’s uniquely designed according to the application of electrophoretic coating. The design of the whole machine and the selection of the components are considered in accordance with long-term continuous use.


This high-frequency electrophoresis power supply adopts the latest technology independently developed by Yueyang Company - full-bridge phase-shifting soft switch control mode. This circuit adopts full-bridge full-wave output, PWM control, closed-loop sampling, soft start, over-voltage, over-current, and overheat protection to make the power supply work stably, reliably, and safely.


The principle of high frequency electrophoresis power supply is to rectify municipal power into high voltage direct current,the high-frequency chopping and high-frequency transformer conversion are performed on the DC power through the high-frequency IGBT tube, and the required voltage and current output are generated by high-frequency Schottky rectification. This series of products is independently developed by Yueyang Company for the electrophoresis industry. It has high power factor, the output waveform is nearly DC, and it is equipped with safety points, which is dedicated to the electrophoresis industry.


It is mainly used in electrophoresis paint, electrophoresis coating and other aspects, as well as in electroplating, electrolysis, oxidation and other surface treatment industries. It is suitable for various industries such as automobile body, bicycle, aviation and building materials, as well as negative and anode electrophoresis coating of metal materials.

Performance comparison between Yueyang's improved high-frequency electrophoresis power supply and similar equipment on the market


Equipment on the market

The improved equipment by Yueyang

Main transformer

General magnetic permeability silicon steel sheet

High permeability, Low loss magnetic ring

Master device



Operating frequency



Control system

Intelligent phase shift trigger

Intelligent PWM trigger

Display mode

Digital display or pointer display

Computer display, digital display or pointer display

Work efficiency



Power weeks

Around 0.8

Full range can be 0.95

Ripple factor

Large( Poor flatness of paint film)

Small ( paint  film is smooth)

Speed of response


Fast and can be adjusted freely

Volume and weight

Big and heavy

Small and light

Energy-saving effect


More energy saving efficiency than general equipment by 15% -30%

Electric control filter


Impedance magnetic ring, reduce ripple current peak, output current close to dc

Electronic components

Non-standard factory production, low cost, short life, high failure rate, high cost of use, maintenance delay production

Imported electronic components, good quality, low fault rate, long life, relatively high price but low cost of use



Can configure communication interface, provide computer communication version

Note: At present, the fraud of such products on the market is more serious, mainly including: 1. The voltage and current displayed do not agree with the reality; 2. The voltage and current cannot reach the maximum rated power. Dc clippers are recommended for detection and identification. 

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