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Special power supply for gold and silver electroly

Special power supply for gold and silver electroly
  • Special power supply for gold and silver electroly


The special electrolysis power supply for gold and silver electrolysis independently developed by Yueyang Power Co. uses advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, using imported IGBT or MOSFET as power switching device, small size, light weight, full function, stable and reliable performance, high power factor, grain Low wave, less pollution to the power grid, strict production process, energy saving 15%-30% compared with thyristor rectifier power supply. This series of products adopt the advanced DSP control system, with the function of automatic steady flow/steady pressure, which does not change with the voltage and has high reliability.It has extended functions of PLC interface and RS485 interface, which facilitates automatic control. This power supply is mainly used in the electrolysis, smelting and refining of precious metals such as gold and silver.


Input voltage

AC three-phase four-wire

Input frequency


Output current

DC 0~Customers specify A continuously adjustable

Output voltage

DC 0~Customers specify V continuously adjustable

Output waveform

DC square wave

Ripple factor

≤1% rated value +10mV when regulating voltage; ≤2% rated value +10mA when steady current (measurement range: 80%-100% rated output)

Output frequency


Overall efficiency


Duty factor


Ambient humidity


Load regulation


Cooling method

Air cooling

Abnormal alarm

Red light if there is an abnormal


LCD display output voltage and current


Specialized control system design, internal structure adopts acid and alkali design to extend service life

Optional features

① ampere hour meter;
②Digital display timing alarm system;
③ RS485 standard interface;
④ 4-20ma control signal interface。

Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.

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