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Sewage treatment power supply

Sewage treatment power supply
  • Sewage treatment power supply


The special power supply for sewage treatment is the latest high-frequency high-frequency pulse sewage treatment power supply equipment developed by Yueyang Company based on the latest achievements of power electronics and advanced control methods.The power supply adopts advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, uses imported IGBT or MOSFET as power switching device. It has compete functions, stable and reliable performance, and strict and perfect production process.


1.The energy saving effect is very good. Since this sewage treatment switching power supply adopts high-frequency transformer, the conversion efficiency has been greatly improved. Under normal conditions, the efficiency is more than 10% than that of the SCR power equipment, and the efficiency is more than 30% when the load rate is less than 70%.

2.The output waveform is easy to modulate. Due to the high operating frequency, the output waveform adjustment is relatively low in processing cost, the output waveform can be changed conveniently according to the requirements of the user. It has a strong effect on improving work efficiency and improving product quality on the work site.

3.High output stability. Due to the fast response speed of the system, it has strong adaptability to grid power and load changes, the output accuracy can be better than 1%. The working efficiency of switching power supply is high, so the control accuracy is high, which is conducive to improving product quality.

4.Small size and light weight. The size and weight of the thyristor are 1/10~1/5, which is very convenient for your planning, moving, installation and maintenance.

5.Complete models and specifications. The output voltage and output current of the power supply are available in various specifications. There are various options for the optional function and control method.


This sewage treatment power supply equipment can be widely used in various industrial waste water, agricultural sewage, medical and domestic sewage treatment, electrolytic waste water (that is used to recover recyclable metal ions in waste water or to treat organic substances by electrolysis) etc.


Input voltage

Three-phases 350—430V single-phases 205—250V

Output voltage

6、12、24、36、48、60、72、96、200、300、500、600V continuously adjustable

Maximum power

Type Ⅰ≤1KW、type Ⅱ≤5KW、type Ⅲ≤48KW、type IV≤96KW

Output current

1-5KA continuously adjustable

Output frequency

0.1-50KHZ adjustable

Output duty ratio

1-99% adjustable;pulse width 1us-999ms

Control form

Local control / 485 communication

Control method

7 "260,000 color resistance touch screen + external knob adjustment

Pulse pattern

Pulse height symmetry(UHD)、Pulse height independent adjustment(UHN)

Pulse mode

Positive pulse、negative pulse、Proportional pulse、spacing pulse、count pulse、sprocket pulse、program pulse


Type Ⅰ160*400*320  typeⅡ600*320*350  type Ⅲ1280*700*600

Type IV 1680*700*600(height*width*depth )


Type Ⅰ≤13Kg  typeⅡ≤36Kg  type Ⅲ≤180Kg  type IV≤260Kg

Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.

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