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electrocoagulation power supply

electrocoagulation power supply
  • electrocoagulation power supply


High-frequency pulse electrocoagulation power supply is a sewage treatment special power source independently developed by Yueyang Power Supply Co., LTD. Since the establishment of the company in 2004 and the transformation and upgrading in 2015, our company has accumulated a lot of experience in water treatment power supply, and has cooperated with many well-known domestic sewage treatment manufacturers for many years. The electrocoagulpower supply produced by our company can provide continuous, efficient and stable power input for electroflocculation treatment technology, which is widely used in various industrial, agricultural and domestic sewage treatment, electroplating sewage treatment containing heavy metals, high-chromaticity dye wastewater treatment, metal smelting and so on.


Input voltage

 AC three-phases four-wires 380V ±10%

Operating frequency

 50Hz ±10%

Output current

 DC 0~Customers specify A continuously adjustable

Output voltage

 DC 0~Customers specify V continuously adjustable

Output waveform

 DC square wave

Work efficiency 


Ripple factor

 ≤1% rated value +10mV when regulating voltage; ≤2% rated value +10mA when steady current

Overall efficiency 


Duty factor


Ambient humidity


Load regulation


Cooling mode

 Air cooling

Abnormal alarm

 If there is an abnormal signal, the red light is on.

Display mode

 LCD display

Machine design

 Specialized control system design, internal structure adopts acid and alkali design to extend service life

Optional features

 ①ampere-hour meter

 ②Digital display timing alarm system

 ③RS485 standard interface

 ④4-20mA control signal interface

Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.


1.Small size and light weight. The size and weight of the thyristor are 1/10~1/5, which is very convenient for your planning, moving, installation and maintenance.

2.The energy saving effect is very good. Since this power supply adopts high-frequency transformer, the conversion efficiency has been greatly improved. Under normal conditions, the efficiency is more than 10% than that of the SCR power equipment, and the efficiency is more than 30% when the load rate is less than 70%.

3.High output stability. Due to the fast response speed of the system, it has strong adaptability to grid power and load changes, the output accuracy can be better than 1%. The working efficiency of switching power supply is high, so the control accuracy is high, which is conducive to improving product quality.

4.The output waveform is easy to modulate. Due to the high operating frequency, the output waveform adjustment is relatively low in processing cost, the output waveform can be changed conveniently according to the requirements of the user. It has a strong effect on improving work efficiency and improving product quality on the work site。

5.Perfect protection. Over-current protection, the system can effectively protect equipment safety when over-current occurs during power supply operation. Phase loss protection, when the grid fault causes the equipment to run out of phase, the system will automatically shut down. Voltage protection allows the grid to vary from 380±10%V. When the grid exceeds the allowable range, the pulse width is automatically adjusted to ensure normal operation of the equipment. Overheat protection: when the ventilation system is blocked, the internal failure of the ventilation system and the fan temperature is too high, the power supply will stop working automatically, the colleague will send an alarm signal.

6.The operation is simple and can be controlled remotely. High frequency DC electrocuagulation power supply can be equipped with nonlinear load and can be controlled both near and remote.

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