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single/double pulse power supply

single/double pulse power supply
  • single/double pulse power supply


The intelligent single pulse power supply and double pulse power supply are high-quality dc pulse power supply equipment developed by Yueyang power supply equipment Co., LTD. based on years of work experience and various working conditions of users.


Intelligent single pulse power supply and double pulse power supply are fully applicable to various electroplating or electroforming of gold, silver, nickel, tin, copper, nickel and alloy, anodizing of titanium and aluminum, electrochemical polishing of precision processing workpiece, battery charging, sewage treatment, etc. Its superior performance can not only meet your requirements of electroplating waste water, printing and dyeing waste water, domestic waste water, pesticide waste water, organic waste water, oil field waste water, oil recovery water injection, etc., but also through its unique standard pulse rectangular wave and high accuracy adjustment create greater benefits for your production or research, save more energy for society.


1. The equipment is designed and tested in full accordance with international standards, which ensures the high performance and reliability of the equipment.

2. It has the functions of positive pulse, negative pulse, proportional pulse, interval pulse, counting pulse, timing pulse and program pulse.

3. 5 program pulses are optional, and the running time of each program pulse is 1-998001s.

4. Humanized display interface, pointer and digital display mode, one-button start function, master-slave control mode, etc.

5. Compact and scientific structural design for easy and flexible installation.

6. Advanced space voltage, current vector control algorithm, voltage regulation or current regulation mode to ensure your control requirements.

7. The functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, IGBT fault, fault protection selection, fault lock and display ensure the safety of system operation and the convenience of maintenance.

8. 7-inch touch screen control, perfect status and parameter display interface with multi-function input and output port, and centralized monitoring function of the upper computer makes the user's production control process truly perfect intelligent.


Note: The above technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual parameter information is subject to the custom parameters of the purchase contract.

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